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Wendover studio is a design-led practice focused on delivering striking and sustainable design-quality, whilst maintaining equal emphasis on the full scope of development, such as planning, contracting and programme management.

We like to solve complex problems with simple ideas and strong concepts and are not bound by convention, nor are we afraid to experiment. We excel in making architecture which is generous and has great clarity and buildings and interiors which are robust, all while emphasising material quality that is built to stand the test of time.

When existing sites or buildings are concerned, we want to thoroughly understand historically layered contexts and respond appropriately, transforming buildings to reveal their naturally unique qualities, and enhancing and adding to their surrounding communities.

We enjoy the making process and building relationships with craftsmen. We research materials thoroughly to understand how to best work them into our details and then continually refine and adjust details until they are perfect.


Nicola Bombagi, Lukasz Grela, Clemens Gerritzen, Studio Micha Gamper, Irinel Iordache, Studio KA, Outpost London, PF Visual, Ting-Ting Ruotsalainen, Jonathan Storey


Antonio del Barrio, Gabriel Fernandez-Abascal, Rik Jacobs, Natasha Jarman, Ryan King, Donna Ladd, Carlotta Ocon


Joseph Ashgar, Javier Callejas, Raphael Chipperfield, Rory Gardiner, Daniela de Jong, Jae W Kim, Simon Menges, Marta Musial, James Retief

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